Laser Therapy

Here at our veterinary clinic we have been providing our St. Thomas and surrounding area clients with therapy laser care for over 4 years now.

What does Laser therapy stand for:IMG_20140620_112156


A class IV laser uses an intense beam of light to be directed into tissue.
There are two different types of class IV lasers: surgical and therapeutic. A
surgical laser is used to cut tissues and aids in cauterizing during surgery.

A class IV therapy laser acts to heal tissues. A therapy laser is used to
reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing by using a process
called photobiostimulation.

Photobiostimulation by definition is using light to produce beneficial
effects on animals and other living organisms. A basic example of using the
beneficial effects of light is photosynthesis which occurs in plants to produce
oxygen from the light effects of the sun. Similarly the laser uses a target
light to produce fast and specific results on damaged tissue. The deep,
penetrating light allows pain relief by releasing endorphins and stimulating
injured cells to heal at an accelerated rate.

The laser is a good option that allows us to improve wound healing and
mobility in combination with pharmaceuticals. Some of the disorders we have
treated at the Elgin Animal Hospital with laser therapy includes:
• Hip Dysplasia
• Post operative incisions for pain relief and reduce inflammation
• Disc Disease
• Skin conditions and irritated anal glands
• Lacerations or abrasions
• Lick Granulomas

These disorders are a common result of pain, inflammation, and scarring.
Usually patients are treated (according to the disorder) for multiple sessions.
Treatment times vary according to the condition usually lasting between 3-5
minutes each. Patients usually enjoy the sessions as they produce a gentle and
warm sensation along the effected tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How does the therapy
laser reduce pain?

The laser effects the nerve cells and nociceptors(sensory receptor that reacts to the damaging stimuli via the spinal
cord or brain) by increasing their stimulatory threshold. It also decreases the neuronal impulses while increasing endorphin release.

How does the laser reduce inflammation?
The laser causes a decrease in release of prostaglandins and inflammatory mediators which reduces edema (swelling) of the tissues.

How does the laser accelerate healing?
Healing is accelerated by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissue. The blood flow is improved by stimulating angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels) and capillary production, increase in cytokines and stimulation of fibroblast activity to form new vessels.

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