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Your St. Thomas and Area Veterinary Hospital since 1964!

The Elgin Veterinary Clinic (now the Elgin Animal Hosptial) located in St. Thomas, Ontario was started in 1964 by two veterinarians, Dr. Sven Meeuwisse and Dr. Harry Short, who merged their two practices together.  It was a mixed animal practice dealing mainly with farm animals, and was located at 9830 Sunset Road, St. Thomas (across the road from its current location).  Dr. Paul Headley joined in 1971 and was a veterinarian and business partner until he retired in 2005.  Dr. Steve Stewart joined the practice in 1975.  In 1976, we opened our second clinic, the Talbot Animal Clinic, and Dr. Stewart became the principle veterinarian, and begain splitting his time between the two practices.  The Talbot Animal Clinic was (and still is) located downtown St. Thomas, and is a small animal veterinary clinic.

Dr. Bruce McNabb was the next veterinarian to practice at the Elgin Veterinary Clinic.  He was with us from 1980 – 1982, and then went on to work for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Dr. John Pasick joined our team in 1982 and practiced for a year before moving on.

Dr. Allan House joined the team in 1983, and became a partner when Dr. Short retired.  During the late 70’s and into the 80’s, the Elgin Veterinary Clinic’s small animal practice grew rapidly, and it was decided that a new facility was needed.  A new, larger, and more modern facility was built in 1988 – 1989 at 9789 Sunset Road, St. Thomas, and the clinic was renamed the Elgin Animal Hospital.  Dr, House became a partner when Dr. Meeuwisse retired in 1989.

Dr. Adam Mahovlich started practicing veterinary medicine with the Elgin Animal Hospital / Talbot Animal Clinic (Collectively known as the Elgin Veterinary Clinics) in 2004 and became a partner in 2005 when Dr. Headly retired.  2005 also saw Dr. Lyndsey Steele join the practice after she graduated and she was a valuable addition to our team until 2012 when she and her family relocated to the USA.  In 2009 the Elgin Animal Hospital became an exclusively small animal practice and since then, the two clinics have focused on providing the most up to date, high quality care for their patients.


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